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Disclosures & ADV

Frequently Asked Questions  

Investment Advisor vs Broker-Dealer 

1. What type of advisory business is Silicon Valley Wealth Advisors?

We are an SEC registered investment adviser that has provided investment management services to retail investors since 1992. Also, we're a fee-only wealth management and financial planning firm. You can learn more about the differences between investment advisers and broker-dealers at the websites provided by the SEC like https://www/ and 


2. What types of services does Silicon Valley Wealth Advisors provide? 

We provide financial planning and investment advisory services to individual clients, as well as trusts, endowments, qualified retirement plan sponsors, and business entities. 


3. What is the minimum investment portfolio size requirement?


4. How are your investment management fees billed? What is the minimum annual fee for these services? 

The fee any investment adviser charges reduces the value of your account when it is deducted each billing period. This is billed quarterly, meaning that we invoice you before the three-month billing period has begun. The minimum annual fee is $2,500. Our standard fee schedule for investment management services is as follows: 

5. How are the investment management fess determined?

The fee is determined with our standard fee schedule and minimum annual fee of $2,500. Please see our SVWA Disclosures & ADV on page 4 section "Our Fees." 

6. Is the financial planning fee included if my assets are being managed by SVWA? 

If your assets under management is less than $3 million then the financial planning fee is a minimum of $4,000. If your assets under management is greater than $3 million than the financial planning fee is waived. 

7. What are the types of fees that are in connection with Silicon Valley Wealth Advisors' services?  

- Asset-Based fees: Quarterly management fees charged as a % of the assets under our management. 

- Fixed Fees: Financial planning fees on a fixed basis are paid at the time the services are provided. 

- Hourly Fees: Financial planning fees on a fixed fee basis are paid at the time the services are provided. 

Our fees are negotiable and may vary amongst clients.