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Investment Philosophy

Nothing illustrates the constant of change as much as the world’s economy. It’s our job to consider all of the potential factors that could affect your portfolio, and we take it seriously. Our portfolio advice is based on an investment process that is the cornerstone of our firm and our culture. Our investment strategy relies on a constant research process; evaluating both macroeconomic factors and as well as company or industry-specific factors. This adherence to the process allows us to ensure we are avoiding the inconsistency and potential fallacies of market timing or momentum-based investing. From this process, we build a portfolio that emphasizes risk control without sacrificing return. Helping to determine each investor’s ideal asset allocation with regards to their goals while mitigating risk is our primary objective.

Our Investment Approach Centers On These Three Elements:

Asset allocation. The percentage of your portfolio invested in various asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, and cash investments according to your financial situation, risk tolerance, and timeline.

Sub-asset allocation. Choosing investments within an asset class, such as U.S. or international equities, or large mid or small capitalization equities.

Active vs. Passive. Choosing indexed and/or actively managed assets. A combination of active and passive funds can address short-term risk and present the opportunity to outperform a benchmark.

Students of the Market

We’re never satisfied to sit on our laurels when it comes to market research and examination. We believe that a deeply nuanced understanding of the financial markets is required to recognize and take advantage of opportunities. Let us roll up our sleeves on your behalf.

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