Our Services

Silicon Valley Wealth Advisors provides transparent, personal financial planning, portfolio management and tax planning services to people with diverse wealth management needs.

Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of successful individuals in transition, who are often faced with multiple—and sometimes competing—financial needs.

Our clients may be:

  • Experienced professionals who need advice on managing stock options
  • People seeking guidance on investment allocation
  • Parents interested in the best strategies for financing a child’s college education
  • Individuals who are nearing retirement and interested in planning for future long-term-care needs
  • Children who are providing financial support for aging parents
  • Divorcees and widows who want to create a secure financial future

Whatever your specific situation, our comprehensive services help you reduce the stress of majorĀ­ life transitions, minimizing worry and building security in the process. As your advisor, we partner with you, developing a complete understanding of your financial situation so that we can make recommendations that will help you maximize your wealth and achieve your goals.

Get Answers to Your Biggest Financial Questions

  • Am I taking advantage of all available investment opportunities?
  • Is my financial future secure?
  • Am I taking on an appropriate amount of risk in my portfolio?
  • When can I retire?
  • Is it time to sell my stock options?
  • Should I buy a home or lease?
  • Am I doing everything I can to lower my taxes?
  • What is the best 529 plan for my family’s needs?
  • Are my investments aligned with my goals?
  • Is my family properly protected in the event of a disability or death?