Portfolio Management

At Silicon Valley Wealth Advisors, we create wealth management plans that are customized to you. We don’t believe in offering our clients “one size fits all” financial solutions. Instead, we focus on learning about you and your financial life—your values, experience and goals—so that we have a clear idea of what we need to do to achieve your financial objectives. Then, we allocate your assets in a way that balances risk and reward so that you are positioned to reach your goals. In this way, we are able to deliver the correct customized portfolio allocation and associated risk necessary for you to achieve your goals.

Our customized portfolio management services include:

  • Current holdings review
  • Risk-reward analysis
  • Custom-built strategic allocation model
  • Concentrated equity positions management
  • Investment strategy reviews
  • Investment Management committee oversight of investment models and security selection
  • Investment types: mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, private equity, IPOs, limited partnerships

Many of our clients choose one of our three service platforms, which combine portfolio management with financial planning for a total wealth management solution.

Our focus is on learning about you and your life goals. We don’t have one cookie-cutter plan. Instead, we design your portfolio to finance your personal objectives. We help you reach the optimal level of risk and investment allocation to increase the likelihood of achieving your life goals.

Platform One:
Asset Builder
Platform Two:
Wealth Classic
Platform Three:
Wealth Premier
What It Is

An active approach to managing your wealth, designed for people who are accumulating assets

Portfolios include mutual funds and exchange-traded funds

An active approach to managing your portfolio, ideal for people with more complex financial needs

Portfolios include exchange-traded funds and stocks, and also take advantage of appropriate opportunistic growth situations

An integrated solution combining comprehensive portfolio management with highly customized personal financial planning

Portfolios include mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, and also take advantage of opportunistic growth situations, IPOs, private equity individual stocks and bonds, and limited partnerships as appropriate

Managed Portfolio Size

$200,000 to $1 million

$1 million to $3 million

$3 million and up

Best For

Individuals and professionals focused on capital appreciation

Couples and families interested in planning to reach financial goals

Established individuals and couples with extensive assets

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Available for an additional fee

Available for an additional fee


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