Retirement Planning

Retirement will be here sooner than you think. Are you ready? Even if you’ve been working—and saving—for years, you may worry that the money you’ve set aside won’t be enough to support you through a retirement that could last for decades.

Having a well-crafted retirement plan helps ease those concerns. While we can’t make any promises about what will happen in the future, we can help you today by designing a plan that will increase your chances of being able to live the life you want after you stop working.

Our team of dedicated financial professionals help you prepare for retirement by working with you throughout your life—from the time when you are working and saving (the accumulation years) to when you are using your money to fund your retirement lifestyle (the decumulation years). We are well-versed in the essentials of retirement planning, from calculating how much you need to save to creating spending plans in retirement. But we can do much more than that. We have years of experience helping people plan for the future, especially those with complex situations, such as small-business owners, professionals who have stock options or other complicated compensation plans, and members of the “sandwich generation,” who must balance their own needs with those of their children and their aging parents.

Whatever your specific situation, your needs drive our planning and investment recommendations. Our advice is objective and holistic, taking into account your needs and goals so that the end result is a plan that is customized for you.

Our retirement planning services include:

  • Retirement savings plan design
  • Investment and portfolio management
  • Advice on selling stock options
  • Guidance on IRA rollovers
  • Help with Social Security and Medicare/Medigap decisions
  • Long-term-care planning

Let us help you plan for the future you’ve always wanted. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.